1. Government Enforcement

An in-depth comparison between ADPPA (American Data Privacy and Protection Act) and the CALIFORNIA PRIVACY LAWS*
*CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act)

Result of comparison ADPPA California Privacy laws CCPA/CPRA
ADPPA has a wider application (nationwide) and enforcement through the FTC Bureau, the AF and national privacy protection agencies. California law generally applies locally.
  • The ADPPA would be enforced by a new FTC bureau and state attorneys general (AG) or, in the case of California, the California Privacy Protection Agency. State AGs would be required to notify the FTC prior to initiating a civil action so the FTC may intervene.
  • CA Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) enforces and issues regulations.
  • CPPA can get statutory civil penalties.
  • The Chief Privacy Auditor will audit businesses to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Violations of CCPA can also be enforced by over 60 district and city attorneys.