5. Transparency and language

An in-depth comparison between ADPPA (American Data Privacy and Protection Act) and the CALIFORNIA PRIVACY LAWS*
*CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act)

Result of comparison ADPPA California Privacy laws CCPA/CPRA
Quite similar
  • Covered entities are required to provide a privacy policy with some mandatory information. Any material change of a privacy policy triggers the obligation to notify the affected individuals and provide the opportunity to withdraw consent to materially different processing.
  • The privacy policy must also disclose eventual transfer of personal data outside US.
  • Covered entities must provide notices in all the languages used for performing the service required. Same rule applies for the FTC while issuing guidelines on topics related to data protection.
  • Covered entities are required to deliver information notices with certain standard. According to CCPA, some regulations could be issued in order allow an easier understanding by the consumers.
  • Notices must be available in the language primarily used to interact with the consumer.
  • Statute grants CPPA rulemaking